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After the End

sleight of hand * and twist of fate

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- Basic Information -

Character Name: X

Character Type: Main.

Place of Origin: An alternate-universe X-series, terminating at the equivalent of X5. Whether or not his world continues to survive after X is spit out into Reality Vanish is open to debate, between the fall of Eurasia and Zero's violent “awakening”.

Armored Description: When prepared for combat, X wears his trademark blue armour, the ballistic integrity of which is occasionally augmented by specific energy-reroutings via custom interface. He possesses a schematics for an upgraded blue-and-white armour system (an analogue to the various 'ultimate armours'), but the armourshell itself was destroyed during the Eurasia combats. When armoured his eyes lighten to a pale peacock-green, and grow eerily luminescent when he is charging his buster or extremely worked up about something.

X's standard armament is his buster (MK-17 Rockbuster tech), which is capable of three varying levels of charge as well as a nonlethal setting. Prior to the Fifth Uprising, he was working on an elemental switch-system for his buster; and, though he possess the Weapon Get ability, he is currently tapped out of available weapons-data. He has, however, still in his possession a partial record of Zero's blade-skill as well as his discarded sabre.

Unarmored Description: Unarmoured, X is a smidge over 5'2” and relatively slender, with the general appearance of a pale and somewhat rumpled fifteen-year-old male. His hair is a dark and unruly mop, and his eyes are a green dark enough to almost be black. Given the choice, X prefers loose jeans or slacks and a well-worn cotton shirt (usually thrown over a t-shirt), but can be comfortable enough in the bodysuit-and-pseudoarmour that is the Hunter standard uniform in his own world.

- History and Personality -

Passing for Human: Excluding the fact that he hasn't aged in years (which will conveniently be 'reset' for a bit once he arrives in RV), X appears convincingly human without a physical examination. He has a believable “feel” to his skin and synthmuscle, he blushes (with some regularity), has functioning tear-ducts, and is anatomically correct down to the cuticles. His body-temperature, however – though constant – is a smidge cooler than that of a human save for a few 'hotspots', and he possesses a rhythmically-purring core rather than a human heartbeat.

X is fully capable of existing on organic or synthorganic materials as well as “standard” fuel sources such as etanks or energen shards; but without certain chemical and mineral traces in his 'diet' he will eventually grow listless. A simple recharge will only work for a limited span of time, also, before certain supplements are required.

Backstory: Initially kept well away from such potentially-dangerous exploits by Dr. Cain and occupying his time with tests and research, X was a latecomer to the Hunters, being “drafted” by Zero – whom he knew very well from the long days of piecing Zero's self back together in Cain Laboratories – once Sigma had begun his insurrection. A reluctant warrior at best, X was not at all happy to be driven to execute his own kind but ultimately conceded the necessity of the action. Once Sigma had been “retired” -- and Zero dead at Vava's hands, torn to pieces – he stayed on with the Hunters in order to continue what Zero had given his life for.

He was not at all prepared to be “Hunted” himself some few months later by Sagesse and his creations; even less was he expecting to be led on a wild search for critical portions of Zero's self, lured along by the possibility that the blonde Hunter's core was being kept, somehow, alive. Confronted by the Sagesse-restored Sigma and a malevolent, black-armoured Zero, X threw himself into combat with the former Hunter leader even if it would mean being gutted by his former companion. Seeing X impaled on Sigma's spurs jarred Zero from the half-fugue state he was held in to keep him under control, and between them both he and X dealt with Sigma and Sagesse.

The Doppler Incident brought home to X the insidiousness of this new “Maverick” or “Sigma” Virus – and how easily fear of said Virus' effects could lead reploids into irrational and panicked behaviour. The Virus itself became a convenient scapegoat for further prosecutions of erratic or troublesome reploid outbursts, something which disturbed X deeply – and that unease came to a head when the Federation Council ordered the Maverick changes (with their attendant death-sentence) laid on the entirety of Repliforce. This was a killing-jar with no way out; Repliforce sough to avoid further dealings with humanity, the government saw this new neutrality as a declaration of hostility, and Sigma laughed up his sleeve as the Hunters were turned against their own friends and allies. General's guilt-laden yet proud death averting the catastrophic use of Final Weapon (despite X's pleas that his death was not necessary) galvanized the Hunter: he led, personally, the demands that the government be held responsible for what was essentially an act of genocide.

Even the “Great War” did not prepare X for Sigma's final 'gift' – and ultimate attempt to change Zero into something other than his Hunter self. With an insidious new wave of virii sweeping the globe and the massive Eurasia Orbital Platform about to go into freefall, X had precious little time to question Zero's strange reaction to the new Virus, his ever-increasing thirst for blood, or Sigma's gloating references to the “old man” and his scheme to conquer the Earth or perish along with it. Eurasia began to plummet, the impact of its collision promising a winter that might never end; and – in a corona of burning 'flame' -- Zero woke to himself. His still-black armour now slicked with a blood-red sheen, he hovered over the remains of the City with a hungry, serene expression ... and X was his first priority.

In the clash with Zero, X laid claim to the Demon's sabre in a disarming attempt that only opened him up to the destruction of his Hyper armour and the punishing onslaught of Zero's Soul-Body energy pulse. His last recollection before being catapulted into RV as the world and Cyberrealm began to mesh under the viral effects was Sigma's triumphant approach, and Zero engulfed in burning crimson like some mad god.

Personality in a Nutshell: X is gregarious (when not stressed beyond belief), conciliatory and friendly towards most everyone he meets, at least initially. He forms bonds readily but is not so naïve as to be blind to how his good nature can be used against him; despite his best efforts, life as a Hunter has blunted his innocence. He can be overly emotional at times, his concern (or anger) overriding his rather formidable intelligence as well as his common sense. He's also slowly becoming grudgingly accepting of being underestimated because of his youthful appearance; the pats and cheek-pinching, not so much.

Pacifistic and something of a romantic at heart, X would prefer a diplomatic or socially-oriented answer to the world's problems but knows he's unlikely to ever get one. Mercifully his sense of reality is strong enough to weather this blow; instead, he works towards that dream and does what he must, when he must.

Zero's loss and subsequent transformation (and so soon after the death of Cain) has left X feeling adrift. While he has always been painfully aware of Zero's “differences”, especially after the encounter with Sagesse, he refused then -- and still refuses -- to accept that the clear-minded monster that wanted his 'heart' crushed into shards is the amiable if bloody-minded Zero he had grown so close to.